photo Rolf Siegenthaler. Courtesy of Studio Zimoun

KONTEJNER's second Future DiverSocieties Art Lab is a part of the side programme accompanying exhibition of a site-specific installation by Swiss artist Zimoun.

In his artistic work Zimoun builds architectural sound platforms using very simple functional components. His projects are mainly focused on exploring the nature of mechanical rhythms and dynamics of sound systems constructed of well-known, standard industrial objects brought to complex and unusual physical and auditory relationships. His site-specific installations constructed of the elegant array of DC motors, cables and wires, tubes and cardboard surfaces create extremely complex and fascinating sound structures that are surprisingly organic and vital.

"New sound perspectives" Lab includes Croatian audio artists and engineers: Miodrag Gladović, Andro Giunio and Miroslav Piškulić as mentors, and students of the Zagreb's Academy of Fine Arts. Together during their artistic process they will experiment on a new vision, a new dimension of Zimoun's installation by isolating, manipulating and processing of sound produced by installation presented in the large hall of Pogon Jedinstvo.

During the two weeks, mentors and students will create a psycho-acoustic map of the Pogon Jedinstvo building filled with the complex sound of Zimoun's installation through the experimental artistic and scientific process and with the aim of locating specified segments of the overall sound. Located and specified sound segments will be isolated by using audio studio equipment (microphones, recorders, etc.) and distributed/implemented within XLR conductors to multichannel audio mixers and sound system placed in a temporary studio in the small hall of Pogon Jedinstvo. Audio segments of Zimoun’s installation will be conducted to the temporary audio studio where students and mentors continue to manipulate, process and reintroduce new sound units as an alternative, new dimension of Zimoun's installation - a contemporary experimental musical composition.

At the end of the Lab, on Wednesday, 25th of April at 8 p.m. in the small hall of Pogon Jedinstvo, mentors and students will present the results of the two-week process through a sound performance and a concert during which the composition will be performed. After visiting Zimoun's exhibition in the large hall of Pogon Jedinstvo, the audience will have the chance to experience the sound performance and concert just 30 m away from the main installation.

Along with creating an alternative dimension of Zimoun's installation and a new musical composition, the main goal of this Lab is to motivate students towards investigating sound as an artistic medum and re-thinking their own creative processes through collaboration with renowned local artists and sound enthousiasts. In this process, students have the opportunity to upgrade their formal artistic education and also to work with the experienced sound artists, which has a direct positive influnece on their artistic development and fosters new methodologies in non-formal artistic education based on knowledge transfer, practical work and exchange of experiences, creating at the same tim new experiences for the audiences.

Zimoun creates his installations according to the featurs of space in which each work is presented. This means that Zimoun, while conceptualizing, designing and producing the installation, takes into account not only the physical and material aspects of the exhibition space, but also its historical dimension, local context, practical features, its history and meaning for the community. Therefore the project presented in Zagreb also opens a new opportunity to tell the story of a former factory transformed into the Pogon - Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth which is a specific and unique platform providing resources for the production and presentation of cultural events of different formats. Pogon Jedinstvo building - the main facility of the Centre - is currently at the beginning of the architectural reconstruction process which will transform it into a multifunctional building opened to the entire community. Parallel to Zimoun's space analysis in this unique site-specific installation, the participants of the Lab will also consider the building's past in correlation with its current useas well as possible technological and creative improvements of the present space.

Final Lab results and the musical composition will be broadcasted on Radio Student and as a part of the Picture of Sound project which produces and broadcasts original sound artworks of contemporary visual artists.

Miodrag Gladović (HR)

Miodrag Gladović is an engineer of electroacoustics, musician and multimedia artist. As an artist, he has been actively engaged on the contemporary arts scene for numerous years – either as a member of the artistic duo Lightune.G together with Bojan Gagić, or as a solo artist. His work, engineering expertise and immense creativity continuously contribute to the innovative aspects of all projects he is involved in. Combining a punk approach with DIY ethics, his twenty-year experience in a wide variety of musical styles and projects, using technology in artistic work and nurturing a specific sensibility for contemporary music and arts, makes him one of the most prominent names on the contemporary scene – primarily within the field of experimental and impro music, but also in the context of other innovative contemporary artistic practices.

Andro Giunio (HR)

Andro Giunio is is a graphic designer, assistant professor at the Department of Media Design at University North in Koprivnica, and experimental musician. In his artistic practice, he focuses on sonic performance, as a solo artist or in collaborative projects with artists in the field of new media, music and contemporary dance. In his work, he explores concepts of the temporality in music, memory, documentation, recording and reproduction in composition and improvisation through live performance, forming loops and manipulating existing sound samples and recordings on digital and analogue media. He has performed at the New Sound Platform - Sinelinea several times (2012, 2013, 2016), has performed one of his compositions for the Croatian Radio Third Program, aired on the show Slika od zvuka (2017), was the artist in residence of the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery Open Studio programme (2018), performed at the Student Center’s Showroom of Contemporary Sound in Zagreb (2018), created the music for theatre collective BADco’s 2018 performance-installation The Foundation Pit, and has participated in collaborative projects and performances Choreography of Utopia and Utopia of Extended Here and Now (2018 –).


Miroslav Piškulić (HR)

Miroslav Piškulić is an audio engineer, musician and experimentator in the field of audio art. For a long period of his life he has been a guitar player and electronic musician in numerous relevant underground bands of Zagreb's independent scene. Since 2014 he has become a part of the Days of the year multimedia project team along with musicians Nenad and Alen Sinkauz and artist Ivan Marušić-Klif. As audio engineer and composer he has participated in many experimental theatre projects and performances. Currently he is working at the Zagreb Youth Theatre - ZKM as sound designer.

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