Barbara Miše (HR) Memory

Memory, an attempt to illustrate specific memory processes as well as ways how certain information infiltrates our consciousness and/or subconscious.

It includes five different functions:
1. Spiral, based on information of one event that is given from another person,
2. Primordial, based on the memory of water study by Jacques Benveniste,
3. Trauma, that illustrates the process of perception focus shift during a traumatic experience and its evocation in the subconscious,
4. Repetition, that deals with short-term memory and
5. Short-term well, that saves the same short-term memory through repetition and transfers it into the "well" of long-term.

Barbara Miše (HR)

Barbara Miše (b. in Split, 1994), a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Animation and New Media Department. During high school, she participated in one group exhibition and several painting projects in public space. She has presented her works in Varaždin (International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival Varaždin, 2014), Rijeka (Student International Film Festival, 2015) and Karlovac (Four River Film Festival, 2014), as well as a few group exhibition at London Metropolitan University, 2016 and Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Zagreb, 2016.