Stanislav Drča (RS) Quantum

interactive installation

Quantum, interactive installation based on the perception of contemporary science that tends to render the phenomena surrounding us and describe them through two categories – as particles or as waves. The problem of human perception of the wave lays in its two-dimensional presence of longitudinal and transversal nature, which does not capture its volume and movement in three-dimensional space. Quantum represents a bundle of energy – a quant – that is given to the observer in order to be completely freely manipulated in a multidimensional space, but also revealed and perceived from all hidden angles and frames, which do not fit in its usual conventional descriptions.

Stanislav Drča (RS)

Stanislav Drča, graduated at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Department of Fine Arts, New Media Arts programme in 2016. Although he is not keen on defining his art one-dimensionally, through a thematic framework of media, his works are most often realized as interactive installations, happenings and projections in the area of socially engaged visual practices. He has participated in over forty group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. He is a member of City-Guerilla.