Dominik Grdić (HR), Michel Mesarić (SI) Vibration 02

sound installation

Vibration 02, a sound installation that consists of two parts – a research and a documentary. By talking to residents of the City of Zagreb, the authors are finding out about recent events in the city and state. Recordings of these dialogs are mixed into a sound patchwork as a reflection of the current social climate and are played within a booth at the entrance of the Mochvara Club. The sound is reproduced only by a subwoofer. The vibrations of the bass animate the walls of the booth, with low frequencies that tremble the object. The effect of strong energy captured in a small space is created; a specific vibe of the city that is trying to break the barrier and expend to mental horizons that created it. By using sound as a tactile material, the authors are transforming it into energy that animates the infrastructure of one micro location, like the Mochvara Club. At the same time, symbolically, also the City of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Dominik Grdić (HR)

Dominik Grdić (b. in Rijeka, 1983), holds a BA in painting and art pedagogy at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. He is interested in multimedia, sculpture, postsculpture, transmedia, installation, new media art works, speculative design and public actions. As a working member of the Academy's committee for quality and improvement Grdić has organized several land art, multimedia and conceptual projects and exhibitions. As a member of “Adriart” project he works strongly on implementing contemporary media and techniques in formal institutional facilities, redefining its structure and bringing fresh concepts for future arts education. Grdić is currently working on a two-year MA project research on telematics in new media and contemporary art combining theory, philosophy and transmedia approach.


Michel Mesarić (SI)

Michel Mesarić (b. in Ljubljana, 1989), attended the School for Applied Arts and Design in Rijeka, Graphics Department as well as the music school Ivan Matetić Ronjgov in Rijeka, where he played piano and percussions. After finishing high school, he started working at a local TV station. While working, he enrolled in the BA programme in art pedagogy at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. Currently he is a student of the MA programme "Media Arts and Practices (MAP), intermedia module at the same academy.