Petar Jerčić (HR) Golden Composition Live

sound performance

Golden Composition Live, a sound performance based on research of repetitiveness in music. Each form of human activity is repetitive, and so is music that we listen to – it is a repetition of certain elements in a certain sequence. What else could be the sound itself then vibrations that have their own frequency of repetition? The human mind that listens to music and sound constantly searches and analyses the repetitive patterns, saves them in explicit memory and enables building more complex and larger musical structures, and acts that are more complex in any human activity. Unfortunately, the price of this "save to memory" principle regarding musical elements is that we rarely pay attention to them, we are not aware of them as we listen. Once we learned them, our mind easily restores them from pure memory and processes them without us consciously knowing it.

The goal of the performance is to create music that uses repetitive musical elements and sounds in a way that none of them is ever repeated in the very same form. This enables us to break down the learned and saved musical elements existing in our memory and forces the listener to consciously dedicate his attention to each part of this composition. Therefore, the listener cannot experience the already learned musical elements and cannot plan the future development of the composition piece – he can only stay in the moment, with the momentarily created sounds and music. And with each moment passing the listener has to be aware of the music he is listening.

Petar Jerčić (HR)

Petar Jerčić, (b. 1984 in Split), graduated informatics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Split. He is focused on research in the areas of psychophysiology and its theory, methods and measure systems. Jerčić also researches how to track, scale and interpret emotional states by using psychophysiology methods and equipment. Precisely by using psychophysiological data, he performs the signals live. He plays instruments and is engaged in music as well.