Sara Salamon (HR), Hrvoje Spudić (HR) silent objects


"silent objects", a research of sound recording and reading in the format of a sound installation. The installation consists of vertically placed paper that reads or reproduces the sound of rotating paper with a (spiral) sound recording. From the technical point of view, the installation functions on the principle of a phonograph, paleophone, graphophone, phonautograph and contemporary record player and the sound is amplified through a membrane – the vertical paper.

The work is an experiment with paper that silently reads a sound trace invisible to the eye. It is a contraption of the one-who-posseses and the one-who transmits, silently, delicately, invisibly and extremely materialy.

*Sara Salamon & Hrvoje Spudić have been exploring together sound and light as a medium since 2017. They are currently working on the possibilities of recording and the reproduction of sound in unexpected media such as paper and metal.

Sara Salamon (HR)

Graduated media art and practice from the Academy of Applied Arts, Rijeka in 2015. She is an enthusiast and researcher of new technologies and methodologies. In her work she mostly tries to find ways to fail the medium. She works in different artistic practices, as a visual artist, filmmaker, editor and technician. Salamon is a member of B.A.K.A. production as well as the theatre group Muzak. She lives and works in Zagreb and Rijeka.

Hrvoje Spudić (HR)

Graduated in 2015 from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. He is a researcher and an inventor of technological aspects and techniques of photography, light and sound. He moderates a series of workshops on photography, design and printing and together with Sven Sorić he is part of the “This Town Needs Posters” collective dedicated to making posters using DIY printing techniques.