gibanje (HR) – changing the position of the body or particles; gibati (HR) – to make movements for bringing into a desirable state

Ticket for a single event: 5,00 EUR
Tickets for the entire festival programme: 40,00 EUR

Gibanja aims to be a place of gathering, shared experiences, critical approach, and open (h)ear(ing). In this direction move the third Gibanja, being a part of a larger international event, KONTEJNER 3.0, this year. The program for this year brings the recent production of the artistic platform instruments inventors initiative – a new work by Hugo Morales Murguia for modified machines instead of musical instruments; a unique audiovisual collaboration between musicians Klara Lewis and Nik Colk Void with experimental film artist Pedro Maia; a sound-light performance by percussionist Sylvain Darrifourcq; a presentation of the Slovak experimental music scene through concerts by Barbora Tomášková and Ondrej Zajec; a new production by KONTEJNER – an electroacoustic comprovisation by Pavle Jovanović and Bojan Krhlanko; contemporary compositions in concerts by the S/UMAS ensemble from Split and violinist dejana sekulić; Cornelius Cardew's iconic piece Treatise performed and interpreted by Jaka Berger; a quadrophonic live set by vocalist and composer Martina Claussen in collaboration with Croatian light and video artist Ivan Lušičić Liik; and two pieces created as part of the project New Perspectives for Action of the international Re-Imagine Europe network – a sound installation based performance by Austrian sound artist Andreas Trobollowitsch and a joint performance by experimental and progressive musicians Ziúr and Elvin Brandhi.

We hope that the third edition of Gibanja will enrich and inspire you. Welcome to the space of experimental sound!

Wednesday 18.10.2023.

  • 20:00 Concert Barbora Tomášková (SK), Pogon Jedinstvo (small hall) (35’)
  • 21:00 Concert Hugo Morales Murguia (MX/NL) in collaboration with Nemø Ensemble (BE): Automatic Means of Human Labour, Pogon Jedinstvo (big hall) (50’)

Thursday 19.10.2023.

  • 19:30 Concert S/UMAS (HR), KONTEJNER (40’)
  • 21:00 Concert Cornelius Cardew (GB): Treatise by Jaka Berger (SI), with an introduction, KONTEJNER (20’+35’)

Friday 20.01.2023.

  • 19:30 AV performance Nik Colk Void (UK) & Klara Lewis (SE) + Pedro Maia (PT/DE): Full-On!, Peti kupe (45’)
  • 21:00 Performance Sylvain Darrifourcq (FR): FIXIN, Pogon Jedinstvo, big hall (35’)
  • 22:00 Concert Ondrej Zajac (SK), Pogon Jedinstvo (small hall) (40’)

Saturday 21.10.2023.

  • 18:30 Concert dejana sekulić (RS/BE), KONTEJNER (40’)
  • 20:00 Concert TinyMental (HR/SI): Inner Disposition, KONTEJNER (30’)
  • 21:45 AV performance Martina Claussen (AT) & Ivan Lušičić Liik (HR), Pogon Jedinstvo (big hall) (30’)
  • 22:30 Concert Ziúr (DE) & Elvin Brandhi (GB), Pogon Jedinstvo, (small hall) (40’)

Sunday 22.10.2023.

  • 20:00 Performance Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT): hybrid #1 - ⥀16, KONTEJNER (35’)

Monday 23.10.2023.

  • 18:00 Performance Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT): hybrid #1 - ⥀16, KONTEJNER (35’)
  • 20:00 Performance Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT): hybrid #1 - ⥀16, KONTEJNER (35’)

Curator: Davorka Begović
Co-curator of the programme realized in cooperation with NEXT Festival: Slávo Krekovič
Project concept: KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis
Production and organisation: KONTEJNER, Tena Kovačić, Nina Maštruko
Technical coordination: Filip Pacak, Andrija Santro
Technical realization: Igor Ivanković, William Linn, Srđan Milanja, Dino Mudrić, Sven Senečić, Domagoj Žunić
Communication, marketing and social media: Inesa Antić, Jadrana Ćurković
Visual identity: kuna zlatica
Photo documentation: Sanja Bistričić Srića
Translation: Andrea Rožić
Thanks to: Luka Antić, Nikola Babić, Igor Dražić, Hangtime Agency, Bojan Horvat, Dražen Karma, Muzej za umjetnost i obrt, Zoran Svrtan, Ana Škegro

Barbora Tomášková (SK)


  • #concert
  • #electronic sound
  • #voice

Hugo Morales Murguia (MX/NL), Nemø ensemble (BE)

Automatic Means of Human Labour

  • #device
  • #labour



  • #electronic sound
  • #improvisation

Jaka Berger (SI)

"Treatise (1963-1967)" by Cornelius Cardew (UK)

  • #experiment
  • #diagram

Nik Colk Void (UK), Klara Lewis (SE), ...


  • #experimental-film
  • #electronic sound

Sylvain Darrifourcq (FR)

FIXIN 2020

  • #device
  • #body
  • #immersion

Ondrej Zajac (SK)

Music performance

  • #instrument
  • #experiment

dejana sekulić (RS/BE)


  • #instrument
  • #electronic sound

TinyMental (HR/SI)

Inner Disposition

  • #residency
  • #depression
  • #anxiety

Ziúr (DE), Elvin Brandhi (GB)


  • #electronic sound
  • #voice
  • #improvisation

Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT)

hybrid #1 - ⥀16

  • #installation
  • #record player

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