The fourth „Lem i ti!“ series workshop, in colaboration with Radiona's project manager and curator, Deborah Hustić, puts experimental art together with technology.

In a fun and practical „DIY“ way, the students of elementary school Šestine found out how to use an electric conductor thread and have seen its possibilities in creative work. They got to know the characteristics of an electric circuit while creating their own new light-up accessories.

Deborah Hustić (HR)

Deborah Hustić is the founder of Body Pixel Studio and Textil{e}tronics para .org. She is also head of I'MM_Media Lab in Zagreb and works as a project manager and curator of Radiona, Association for Development of ‘do-it-yourself’ Culture – Makerspace. She works with wearable technology, smart clothes and electronics as a blogger and maker. She has curated the exhibition Textil{e}tronics in Galženica Gallery (2012) and has been a part of many festivals and conferences on DIY/DIWO electronics, new media and Internet culture, and is also working in the field of education (workshops in the spirit of worshopology concept). She lives and works in Zagreb.


Šestine elementary school (Zagreb)