Motions is an experimental sound event organized by association KONTEJNER, as part of the international project Re-Imagine Europe. Motions focuses on spatial-sound works and experiments of different types and forms, endowed with distinct poetics and approaches to working with sound in space. An extensive part of Motions programme is comprised of multi-channel electronic music concerts and performances of spatial-sound compositions. More complex speaker systems and software for multi-channel diffusion allow the authors to experiment with spatial sound and create unique sonic landscapes. By means of sound spatialization, Motions produce immersive experiences that alter the ways of listening and perception of sound and space: the space of sound and sound in space. Welcome to the space of experimental sound!

Wednesday 16.06.2021.

  • @ Zagreb Dance Center, Ilica 10, Zagreb
  • 18:00 Miodrag Gladović: Motions within and in between formats (lecture) (80')
  • 20:00 Andro Giunio: without centre (25')
  • 20:30 Dora Fodor: Echo (20')
  • 21:00 Aho Ssan: The Falling Man (24')

Thursday 17.06.2021.

  • @ Zagreb Dance Center, Ilica 10, Zagreb
  • 18:00 From the INA GRM archive: Luc Ferrari, Beatriz Ferreyra, Bernard Parmegiani, Jean-Claude Risset (50')
  • 19:30 Davor Sanvincenti: This Forest Doesn't Exist Anymore (20')
  • 20:00 Alex Brajković: Cincta (20')
  • 21:00 Rdeča Raketa & Patrick K.-H. & I.M.Klif: ... and cannot reach the silence (45')

Friday 18.06.2021.

  • @ Mesnička Cultural Centre (KCM) & Grič Tunnel, Mesnička 12, Zagreb
  • 18:00 Artist talks: Alex Brajković, Dora Fodor and Davor Sanvincenti @ KCM
  • 19:00 Toni Meštrović: Resonance of Sound - conversation & installation opening @ KCM & Grič Tunnel
  • 20:00 afterMotions @ KCM

Saturday 19.06.2021. - Sunday 20.06.2021.

  • @ Grič Tunnel, Mesnička 12, Zagreb
  • 9:00-21:00 Toni Meštrović: Resonance of Sound - spatial-sound installation @ Grič Tunnel

Free tickets for each programme block in ZPC (16th and 17th June) can be picked up at the ZPC box office one hour before the start of the programme.

Organizator: KONTEJNER ǀ biro suvremene umjetničke prakse
Programme and Production: Davorka Begović
Programme Team: Ena Hodžić & Tereza Teklić
Expert associate for technical realization and head of multi-channel studio: Miodrag Gladović
Marketing: Jadrana Ćurković
Public Relations: Inesa Antić
Visual Identity: Andro Giunio
Translations: Andrea Rožić
Social Media: Luja Šimunović
Photographer: Damir Žižić
Video Production: Dinka Radonić, Ivan Rajković
Technical Realization: Eldra, Miodrag Gladović, Miroslav Piškulić, ZPC
Assistants: Vlasta Cirkveni, Katia Šarlija
Thanks to: Igor Dražić, Marino Frankola, Domagoj Marušić, Jurica Mlinarec, Duško Richtermoc, Mateja Šimunović, Petra Valentić

Motions is realized through the Re-Imagine Europe initiative, co-financed through the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

The project is supported by: Creative Europe programme of the European Union; Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs; Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia; City of Zagreb; National Foundation for Civil Society Development
Kultura Nova Foundation

Partners: KABEL; INA GRM; Zagreb Dance Center; Mesnička Cultural Centre; Platforma Upgrade

Media partners: HRT;; Radio Student; Ravnododna

The event is part of the campaign The World in Zagreb, Zagreb to the World in which we participate as a member of the Platforma Upgrade.

Alex Brajković (HR)


  • #performance
  • #education
  • #production-kontejner
  • #experimental-sound

Dora Fodor (HR)

ECHO, a sonic tale

  • #performance
  • #education
  • #production-kontejner
  • #experimental-sound

Andro Giunio (HR)

Without centre

  • #performance
  • #education
  • #production-kontejner
  • #experimental-sound

Miodrag Gladović (HR)

Motions within and in between formats (lecture)

  • #lecture
  • #experimental-sound
  • #multi-channel composition

Toni Meštrović (HR)

Resonance of Sound

  • #installation
  • #production-kontejner
  • #experimental-sound

Rdeča Raketa (SI/AT), Patrick K.-H. (AT/RU), ...

… and can not reach the silence

  • #performance
  • #experimental-sound

Davor Sanvincenti (HR)

This Forest Doesn't Exist Anymore

  • #performance
  • #education
  • #production-kontejner
  • #experimental-sound

Aho Ssan (FR)

The Falling Man

  • #performance
  • #experimental-sound


Multichannel works from INA GRM repertoire

  • #performance
  • #experimental-sound

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