Oliver Kunkel (DE) Mosquitobox

video-installation, 2003

A scientifically looking glass container, locked but with a sluice to put one's hand through, is filled with HIV-infected mosquitoes; it gets destroyed during art festival Break2.2 in Ljubljana. The box is smashed; the media, the police and several biologists arrive immediately. The whole exhibition and the surrounding area is evacuated. The biologists kill the remaining mosquitoes, but most have escaped. Some of the animals undergo HIV tests. The artist is being questioned about the box and a possible epidemic. The fear of getting infected is alarming.

Video Mosquitobox is the result of this episode in Slovenia in 2003. It is a work about fear and the people’s lack of knowledge concerning the world’s largest and most threatening epidemic. The work brought the topic of HIV on the front page. Ignorance and public media were the main target of Kunkel's work which produced total paranoia.

Oliver Kunkel (DE)

Oliver Kunkel was born in 1973 in Frankfurt am Main. He lives and works in Cologne. He has been student of Rosemarie Trockel at KUNSTAKADEMIE Duesseldorf, and of Valie Export, Stahl Stenslie, Marcel Odenbach and Juergen Klauke at Academy of Media Arts Köln. Coming from conceptual art, the human body is in focus of this artist - either his own or the possible physical reactions of spectators, who are constantly being invited to act or are exposed to emotions. He analyses the viewers and points out the fragility of our pretentious security of civilization.

Artist looks into the subject of body parts, body juices, their sociocultural implications, their double meanings, creating intermedia series of art work. To realize his concepts he involves heterogeneous means of art with an unlimited and perfectionist attitude.Sculpture, plastic art, installation, video, photo, performance and his own body are the fields which take up most of his present workings. He exhibited in Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Luxembourg and Norway.