Lenka Klimešova (CZ) Future Kiss

performance, 2007

Future Kiss is a happening that involves interaction among participants wearing masks that are equipped with a vibration chip and a ‘kiss detector’. The participants try to find each other's ‘half’ by kissing. The work imagines interaction between humans in the technology-mediated environment of the future, cleansed of all ‘unhygienic’ bodily ingredients, including the immediacy of different skins touching. The mask here serves as a mediator in the sensual, but also emotional exchange: on ‘detecting’ a kiss, the sensor activates a gentle vibration that is also an emotion in abstracted form or a simulation of emotion.

The work deals with some of the possible scenarios in the imagined future:

  • Loss of personal intimacy due to the spread of technology in our material world.

  • It is a possible solution during an epidemic attack in the near future.

  • Conflict of the future person & ndash; the mobile, individual, cybernetic human who is at the same time dependent on other people. This dependence makes the difference between a human and a walking robot.

Technology in the visual arts has to show, invent or anticipate its own future impact on the earth and life. Anything else is only embarrassing demo of technology’s dexterity.

Lenka Klimešova (CZ)

Lenka Klimešova (1986) is a multimedia woman artist working with the issues of body and gender. She received a BA in Intermedia Art at the Faculty of Fine Art, University of Ostrava and is currently enrolled in MA studies in Video and Multimedia at the AFAD (Academy of Fine Arts and Design), Bratislava, Slovakia.