In the first two versions of the Touch Me Festival we were engaged with the topics of the abuse of intelligence and of the imperative of happiness. This year the festival deals with the newsworthy theme of energy - its use and abuse, its transformations and manipulations.

No matter which side you have opted for − whether you are among those who fear the complete destruction of humankind and all other species because of the immoderate consumption of unrenewable sources of energy, or those who think that nature is indestructible and that mankind will never be able to dream up something powerful enough to overcome it, or among those sceptics who believe it’s all just hype and that there is no proof of the ozone hole or of the possibility of depleting all oil reserves or of electric cars really being able to work in traffic and so on, among the artistic works brought together at this festival you will see diverse approaches to the same topic − to the various policies on energy use.