Marija Knezić (HR) xPatch - Anti-Radiation Patch

installation, 2011.

The work xPatch is the concept of a product for consumers in the 2050s. Current trends indicate that by that time our lives will look like SF-novels. The number of changes in daily life has risen in the last 10 years more than in the entire history of mankind. By the 20th century, humanity has been exposed only to natural solar UV-radiation, but the development of technology that makes human life easier has led to the exposure to artificial electromagnetic radiation (EM) for which our body has not had time to develop protective mechanisms. Cell phones, laptops, wireless, bluetooth are all part of our everyday lives but leave harmful effects on our health. In the 2050s, the rise of electromagnetic devices and the world becoming one big wireless zone will turn the term “electromagnetic pollution” into an everyday term like “ozone hole,” and the exposure to it will be inevitable.

The solution is xPatch, a patch which, acting on the basis of nanotechnology, protects against harmful UV and EM radiation. After being placed on the skin, the patch gets decomposed, releasing nanoparticles that spread across the skin, creating an invisible shield. Nanoparticles absorb the harmful UV and EM radiation and use their energy for the preservation and regeneration of cells, having a positive effect on the entire organism.

concept collaborators: Nera Popović & Tin Banožić

Marija Knezić (HR)

Marija Knezić was born in 1988 in Zabok. In 2008 she enrolled in the Department
of Art Education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She is the co-founder of Eagles
Chapter, a branch of People to People International (PTPI), a non-profit organisation that deals with humanitarian, cultural and educational activities. The winner of the international competition Global Youth Mural Project 2006 with the work Listen and You Shall Hear in 2007, which was exhibited at the Chameleon Youth Arts Gallery in Kansas City, USA, published in People organisation’s magazine, and reproduced as a Christmas card for charity. In 2011 she participated in the curatorial workshop More MM held by Joanna van der Zanden in order to promote the Multimedia Center in Zagreb. In the same year, with the team xPro she entered the top 6 inthe competition Henkel Innovation Challenge 4, The Vision of 2050, an international student competition for innovative product ideas.