Festival on tour

Touch Me Festival 2011 is a part of the project "SEAFair ’11 - Energy, Biopolitics, Strategies of Resistance and Cultural Subversion" held in Skopje, Macedonia.

SEAFair - Skopje Electronic Arts Fair connects local and international artists, critics and theoreticians working in the field of technology and new media since 1997. It is organized as a series of artistic and theoretical activities, exhibitions, symposium, workshops and web conferences. In this year's edition SEAFair presents part of the artworks from the Touch Me 2011 exhibition: HeHe / Helen Evans & Heiko Hansen (FR): Nuage Vert Ivry (2010.), documentation; Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand (NL / RU): Camera Lucida (2003.), installation; Jasenko Rasol (HR): Winter Gardens (2006.-2010.), photographs; Valentin Thurn (DE): Taste the waste (2011.), dokumentary; Ken Rinaldo & Amy M. Youngs (SAD): Farm Fountain (2007.-2008.), video; Touch Me 2011. conema: youtube links on nuclear energy, selected by Hrvoje Pukšec.

Project “SEAFair ’11 - Energy, Biopolitics, Strategies of Resistance and Cultural Subversion” is organized by Museum of contemporary art Skopje, SEECAN (South East European Contemporary Art Network) and KONTEJNER Zagreb.

More info: http://seafairskopje.tumblr.com/


Museum of contemporary art (Skopje)