Gjino Šutić (HR), Tanja Minarik (HR) The moment of death

Installation, 2014

Fear of death is something that all living beings have in common. Perhaps, it is the biggest and most complicated fear of all. Most people spend their lifetime trying to manage and in many cases ignore the fear of the unknown and nonexistence Even though it causes bad emotions that we actively try to avoid, this fear has been a driving force behind a vast number of monumental cultural achievements. Individuals who were brave enough to embrace this fear were those whose creativity gave humanity innovations in the fields of medicine, religion, and art.

Imagine what else could be gained if we tapped into that fear more intensely.

The moment of death is an interactive installation that can help us with a closer understanding of the process of death-related fear. It brings a glimpse into the unknown world - a live sensory experience of material death - gathered real time from a decomposing corpse with the use of E.R.O.S. (an intelligent environmental probe developed at the UR Institute). Transferring the material data to digital data, physical death can be streamed to The moment of death chamber, where it will again be materialized and give the user a sensory experience of death. Tapping into all human senses, the chamber will provide the user with a moment in which one cannot distance oneself from the closest possible encounter with death.

What effect will this experience have on the user? How will this perception affect the user? Will the fear eventually be productive, or it will remain just a fear? These are all the important questions that need answers. Our plan is to find out some of the answers, by conducting forensic and behavioral research, with the help of our installation.

collaborators on technical production: UR institute team: Lovro Dujnić, Dajgoro Labinac, Filip Kovačić Popov & Darko Vaupotić

Gjino Šutić (HR)

Gjino Šutić (Croatia, 1984) is an innovator, scientist & post-modern intermedia artist. After studying Biotechnology at PBF Zagreb, he worked as a freelance scientist until 2013., when he founded Universal Research Institute UR. Since then, he has worked as scientist and director at UR Institute. He is doing research in multiple areas of natural sciences with a special focus in the fields of bioelectronics and biorobotics.

He invented the term biotweaking (enhancing living organisms or their parts to completely express and make use of their full potential) so as to define his philosophy and work completely. Since 2012, he has displayed his inventions & innovations at numerous scientific and art exhibitions and events. As a biohacker, he has designed and developed numerous DIY tools and materials. As well as developing his inventions & innovations he works as an educator in the areas of biotweaking & science. He is one of the founders of Radiona Makerspace, and a member of MENSA organisation & Hackteria network.


Tanja Minarik (HR)

Tanja Minarik (CRO, 1983) is new media artist, and UR Institute’s expert for new media art & multimedia. Graduated movie & video art at the Art Academy Split. Her professional work includes practicing different aspects of video art: VJ-ing, video mapping, installations, filming & editing. She has displayed her work at different exhibitions and festivals in Croatia and abroad. She is a member of ULUPUH and Radiona Makerspace, the indie experimental rock bend – Žen, is a resident of the Pistolero collective, and a member of Hipermedia A/V collective. Currently she is working on her MA degree in new media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.