Vitar Drinković (HR) Breathing time

Installation, 2014

The work consists of a device that includes a potentiometer and a spotlight that is connected to a modified clock. The clock is linked to a solar cell and works only when there is a source of light of given intensity. It works by someone fastening it onto his or her body at waist level and regulating the intensity of the light by deep breathing from the abdomen. Thus the visitor will, by breathing, set in motion the clock, which works only when the person is breathing. At the level of the biologically and psychologically conditioned perception of time, this work has its effect by encouraging deep breathing and because of the visual experience of the change of light, creates a relaxing and meditative state. The project is a response to our accelerated and stressful manner of life, in which we are all the time thinking and multi-tasking. Through interaction with the work, the focus is directed on a single action, breathing, which brings us into the state of mind that is here and now. In this manner, the perception of time varies too. Hence the clock is designed to have no numbers; it is totally white and has just a single red second-hand.


Vitar Drinković (HR)

Vitar Drinković was born in Zagreb, where he graduated in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2008 and in 2014 in Animated Film and New Media from the same faculty. He has participated in student exchanges and residencies in USA, England, Czech Republic and France. His work lies at an intersection between technology, science and art. Over the last several years he has explored the ways of creating conditions for changing our perception of everyday reality. By employing different interactive sculptures, gadgets, inventions and installations as intermediaries of communication, he creates new contexts for the sensory and cognitive perception of the quotidian. He has exhibited in 18 solo and 48 collective exhibitions in Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Austria, Czech Republic, England, USA, Canada and France. He is the recipient of several awards, honors and scholarships.