Erik Hobijn (NL), Arlette Muscheter (NL) Tactile Machine

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When artists embody restaurant

A salad, whirling down like a green snow out of a silver bowl with holes. A part of a shirt that covers the lying person’s chest is button-ed down. The word dressing in this course could also be applied to the garment that is now being placed over the person. It is a sculpture shaped like a landscape of cabbage, behind which the “guests” can conceal themselves. It is made of a material that has a crisp and crackling structure while the skin is vaguely visible through the fine maze of deep green colour. The garment covers the whole body except for the chest. The real salad dressings are two clouds through which the salad flakes fall down, a cloud of oil and a cloud of vinegar. The salad leafs get their extra taste from these rosemary scented and chilly flavoured clouds. The salad is being picked from the chest and it is very important that the guests eat with their hands. Soft oiled skin is touched by tender fingertips while salt and pepper can be added from the tactile vessels placed at the other guest’s arm.

Erik Hobijn (NL)

Erik Hobijn was born in 1956 in Amsterdam, Holland. Studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam’s Arts School. Works in the Amsterdam art scene under the name of SK (City Art Guerrilla). Works on the road with a performance group DOG troep. Close connections to SRL (Marc Pauline) and Minus Delta T. Creates mechanical solutions for human “problems” like Delusion of Self Immolation. Creates The Dante Organ, a series of flamethrowers, a composition about the aesthetics of violence. Founding member of a cultural ranch Het Buitenland. Works with Arlette Muschter since summer 2002.

Arlette Muscheter (NL)

Arlette Muscheter was born in 1970 in Haarlem, Holland. She studied tailoring at fashion school Bijenveld, Amsterdam. Studied set design at the Utrecht Arts School. One of the founding members of culinary performance group Ready Maids with whom she per-forms for six years. Worked with several theatre groups as a cos-tume designer. Designed and produced the costumes for the hosts of a TV show in the honour of the wedding of Dutch Prince Willem-Alexander and Maxima. Individual culinary performances. Holds an illegal art-restaurant The Undergarden in Amsterdam for thirty days, with ex Supperclub chef Marlijn Overakker. Works with Erik Hobijn since summer 2002.