KONTEJNER in Portugal!

Artist Antonio Kutleša (HR) and curators Jurica Mlinarec and Luja Šimunović (KONTEJNER) visited our long-term partners - the organization Cultivamos Cultura!

We marked July with a trip to Portugal at Cultivamos Cultura (São Luís). The study trip took place as part of the European project Arc-hive, and during the stay our curators presented KONTEJNER and Touch Me festival, while artist Antonio Kutleša presented his work Meat Flower, realized in 2020 as our production.

During their week-long stay, they also participated in the renown Summer School organized by Cultivamos Cultura every year, which explores the interdisciplinary relationship between the arts, life and environmental sciences. It’s a program that through practical exercises, combining theory and practice in an informal and stimulating environment, constantly attracts renowned domestic and international artists, curators and other experts in fields related to progressive, investigative and interdisciplinary art.

This year, the Summer School was attended by a dozen artists, designers and curators from around the world (USA, Canada, Colombia, Austria, Spain, Portugal), while among the lecturers, in addition to project leader Marta de Menezes (PT), were curators from the Art Laboratory Berlin, Regine Rapp (DE) and Christian de Lutz (DE) and residency artists Kira O'Reilly (UK) and Christina Gruber (DE).

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