Multichannel sound diffusion workshop

18th to 23rd January 2021 (10am-1pm & 3-6pm) @Pogon Jedinstvo, large hall

photo Vanja Babić

KONTEJNER is initializing a new educative programme in the field of contemporary sound and technology, and within the framework of Re-Imagine Europe project: one that is focused on multichannel sound diffusion of electronic music and spatial sound compositions. The workshop is created and moderated by Miodrag Gladović, an engineer of electroacoustics and artist. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the theory and practically experience creative work in multichannel sound systems. Entry level experience and basic knowledge in working with electronic sound is needed in order to participate in the workshop, meaning that participants such as sound artists, musicians and composers of electronic music, engineers and sound designers as well as other artists familiar with electronic music, interested in spatial sound relations and new technologies, and motivated for creating 3D spatial sound environments are more than welcome to apply.

The workshop starts with multichannel system set-up done by participants together with Gladović: it is a central 8.4 system for both octophonic and ambisonic sound environments , with additional 8 parabolic directional speakers and a set of different frontal speakers functioning as a speaker ensemble similar to an orchestra of speakers – acusmonium. The workshop consists of a two days theory sessions from the field of physics and acoustics, focusing on themes such as sound traveling through space, sound reproduction via speakers and more complex sound systems, multichannel software tools and open source software (Pure Data, SuperCollider, Ambisonic Toolkit) as well as more commercial software and differences in their usage.

Practical part of the workshops is based on working with the multichannel system: diffusing electronic sound in the 8.4 system and creating spatial sound environments, using the directional parabolic speakers and frontal speaker ensemble, recording the outside sonic environment with ambisonic microphones and reproducing the field-recordings, as well as synthesized sounds in the ambisonic set-up. The workshop will end with a public or in-house presentation - depending on the future epidemiological situation.

Number of participants is limited to 8 people; applications with short CVs emphasizing experience and skills related to electronic music together with a few motivational sentences need to be sent to davorkabegovic@gmail.com by 30th December 2020.

Miodrag Gladović is an engineer of electroacoustics, musician and multimedia artist. As an artist, he has been involved for numerous years in the contemporary arts scene – either as a member of the artistic duo Lightune G. together with Bojan Gagić, or as a solo artist. His work, engineer knowledge and immense creativity continuously contributes to the innovative aspects of all projects he is involved in. Combining a punk approach with DIY ethics, his twenty-year experience in a wide variety of musical styles and projects, using technology in artistic work and nurturing specific sensibility for contemporary music and arts makes him one of the most prominent names of the contemporary scene – primarily within the field of experimental and impro music, but also in the context of other innovative contemporary artistic practices.

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