A weekend with KONTEJNER: EMAP networking conference and Zvučni piknik

Annual celebration of our 20-year anniversary continues in June from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th in Zagreb. KONTEJNER hosts the 2022 EMAP networking conference and organizes the Zvučni piknik programme including performances such as the premiere concert of the youngest Croatian experimental band Sešija gathering young teenagers mentored by musicologist Davorka Begović and musicians Nenad Sinkauz, Nenad Kovačić and Pavle Jovanović, who will also be joining them on stage.


Discursive programme "Readdress and Transgress" | Saturday 18/06 @ Croatian Architects Association

EMAP – European Media Art Platform is the largest international platform for residencies of emerging European media artists, bringing together 15 renowned European cultural institutions and organisations dedicated to new media arts, as well as over 80 partners – acclaimed institutions, festivals and laboratories focused on digital arts, robotics, bio art, video and other forms of media art. As one of EMAP members, KONTEJNER organises a three-day networking conference with participants from all EMAP partners as well as artists selected for 2022 EMAP residencies. This conference is a unique opportunity to network, exchange and meet all selected artistic projects offering insight into our present and future – with works dealing with topics such as the living dead, men giving birth and NFT laying robots.

The conference programme scheduled for Saturday 18th June at Croatian Architects Association (UHA) at Ban Josip Jelačić Square in Zagreb is open to the public. The discursive programme will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with thematic focus on creating alternative knowledge systems, communication interfaces and interaction platforms that have the potential to overturn the consequences of collective destruction and help build healthier communities. One of the topics is also decolonization as the main politics of cohabitation, and rethinking of anthropocentrism and practical aspects of artistic and curatorial narratives in the context of modifying social and ethical values, customs, routines and habits. Participants are Yiannis Colakides, Arjon Dunnewind, Charlotte Jarvis, Jurij Krpan, Tomislav Medak, Davor Mišković, Sunčica Ostoić, Heracles Papatheodorou and Dinko Peračić. Programme language is English.

Zvučni piknik | Sunday 19/06 Pogon Jedinstvo, Močvara Club

The three-day conference culminates on Sunday 19th June in Pogon Jedinstvo and Močvara Club with concerts and performances starting at 5.30 p.m, with the premiere concert of Sešija – the youngest Croatian experimental band formed during KONTEJNER’s educative programme held in 2022. Programme mentors are musicians Nenad Sinkauz, Nenad Kovačić and Pavle Jovanović, and musicologist Davorka Begović, with mentors-musicians also playing a concert of their own. Sešija members are young teenagers, 13 to 14 years of age: Dan Herceg (drums), Bartol Knežević (guitar), Jan Knežević (synth), Mak Rizvanović (synth) and Filip Šarić (guitar).

Canadian new media artist, performer and composer Martin Messier presents his new audio-visual performance Echo Chamber. Eight years ago, Messier performed in Pogon Jedinstvo on his orchestra of sewing machines; this time he presents his new modular interface inspired by medical technologies and techniques enabling him to investigate resonance, light, shadows and the human body. This performance is scheduled twice, at 7.30 p.m. and 9 p.m.

In Močvara Club, a group of authors led by Peter Kutin will do an unusual kinetical audiovisual performance named ROTOЯ. Intesively accelerating a media bundle of sound, light, image and object, ROTOЯ transforms froma a sound image into a hologram as a fascinating sound body. Music programme of Zvučni piknik is accompanied by performances by Banana Zvuk and DJ, Osobna!. Entry is free of admission for the entire programme.

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