SAI 2018

Sonifications of reality

The sixth annual exhibition of new artistic productions realized through the Sound Art Incubator platform once again presents young and emerging artists exploring sound as an artistic medium. The Sound Art Incubator platform is a part of the Mochvara Gallery programme and has been dedicated to sound art practices since 2011 - the year in which KONTEJNER started to curate the Gallery programme. Until today, the platform has engaged over 40 local artists, and a few artists from the region. During the six years of the platform, these artists have experimented with sound in many different ways, using it as a tool for artistic expression, a theme, inspiration and form, and successfully engaging in complex hybrid areas of bio-art and intermedia, audiophilia, computer programming, experimental music and robotics.

In 2018, Sound Art Incubator presents eleven Croatian artists that use sound in their artistic practices, and work as teams or individually for this exhibition. These artists are Aleksandra Ana Buković; Luana Lojić; Ana Fazekaš and Dražen Hižak; Antonija Bačić and Valerija Cerovec; Ana Domljan, Željko Beljan and Diana Zubak; Sara Salamon and Hrvoje Spudić. Interactive installations and objects, performances and experiments presented in the exhibition introduce artists' topics of interest: feminism and propaganda, activism, humor and irony, interaction with devices and soft structures reproducing sound. Some of the artworks also play with outdated media and technology, the borderlines between noise and music, sonification of the invisible and its relation to the material reality.

All the young artists are a part of the same generation. They often come from diverse backgrounds such as theatre, engineering and architecture, but are also binded by art education, collaborations on previous artworks and projects, friendship, common interests and ambitions. It is therefore interesting to see this exhibition as an overview of the young Croatian new media art scene and its protagonists - a showcase of interdisciplinary methodological approach, maturity in concepts and ideas, and artists' abilities to critically re-think space, media and social context so early in their careers.

Aleksandra Ana Buković (HR)

What moves them?

  • #sound
  • #installation

Ana Fazekaš (HR), Dražen Hižak (HR)

Working title: it is not that we want to kill men

  • #sound
  • #installation
  • #feminism

Antonija Bačić (HR), Valerija Cerovec (HR)

Inbetween bodies; heartbeat or pulse

  • #sound
  • #installation
  • #touch

Željko Beljan (HR), Ana Domljan (HR), ...

Interferences 01

  • #sound
  • #performance
  • #cassette

Luana Lojić (HR)

Record library of the inaudible

  • #sound
  • #installation
  • #hydrogen

Sara Salamon (HR), Hrvoje Spudić (HR)

silent objects

  • #sound
  • #installation
  • #paper


20—20 h

Pogon Jedinstvo (Zagreb)

Exhibition opening and performances: Monday June 4th at 8 p.m. @ large and small hall.
Opening hours: Tuesday June 5th - Thursday June 7th from 5 to 8 p.m.