Siniša Labrović, Božidar Katić and Marko Marković are performing at Extravagant bodies: Crime and Punishment festival in London

Fourth edition of international festival Extravagant bodies titled Crime and Punishment will take place in London in the space of redundant church, from November 17-18th in collaboration with partner organisation Live Art Development Agency.

Extravagant Bodies project interrogates the social determination of borders between societal norms and the pathological – from corporeality and appearances to behavior, sexuality, and life style. Physical handicap, mental health and social implications of the elderly have each marked a former edition of this international, trans-disciplinary triennial art festival since 2007.

Extravagant Bodies is organized by Zagreb-based Kontejner | bureau of contemporary art praxis. Last festival edition ‘’Crime and Punishment’’ took place in November 2016 in Zagreb and was organized in collaboration with partner organizations KIOSK form Belgrade and Live Art Development Agency - LADA from London.

Festival broadly approached the socially prescribed morality and examines crime as indicative of all the cracks of social repression. Extravagant Bodies: Crime and Punishment takes as its topic the social, legislative, scientific and ideological constructions of criminality and social norms that delineate criminal from non-criminal behavior. Ideological presuppositions behind the social and legal regulations of criminality, everyday abuse of common assets, how society deals with free information, the body and sexuality are just few of the subjects problematized.

Live Art Development Agency - LADA has been a partner on the festival since its outset and is will be hosting a London presentation of Extravagant Bodies: Crime and Punishment on 17 and 18 November, featuring work by artists who took part in the programme in Zagreb and Belgrade, and UK based artists working in these territories.

LADA was established in 1999, today it is the world’s leading organization for Live Art, producing specialized projects, opportunities, resources and publications for those who make, watch, research, study, teach, produce, present, write about and archive Live Art, and creating conditions in which diversity, innovation and risk in contemporary culture can thrive.


Friday 17 November, 7pm - 9pm

Siniša Labrović (HR), Interview - A performance in the form of a police interrogation that celebrates beauty, aestheticisation and oppressive standardisation in contemporary society. Beauty is a must-have of contemporary living. Good taste is good, and bad is evil. Fashion, of course, is everything.

My Dad's Strip Club (UK), We Are All Police Now - Officer Taggart presents PCSO Watch, an inaugural project by the Office of Community Sousveillance, a tongue-in-cheek grassroots organisation with a remit to provide a forum for concerned individuals to interact with, and comment on, government initiatives relating to surveillance, control and policing.

Jack Tan (Singapore/UK), The Law In the Limelight - A conversation between the artist and LADA’s Alex Eisenberg on Jack’s approach to ‘legal aesthetics’, and projects such as Four Legs Good (a revival of medieval animal trials) and Karaoke Court (a legally-binding karaoke dispute resolution process).

Saturday 18 November, 5pm - 9.30pm

Branko Milisković (RS), APPOINTED - Created in response to failed attempts to gain access to the UN in Geneva, Branko Milisković presents a two hour performance in which he delivers the eight inaugural speeches written for the eight UN Secretary Generals since 1949. Audiences can come and go at any time.

Božidar Katić (HR), Truth Serum - We have become so used to accepting lies as truths that lies have become accepted weapons of destruction, at social political and the personal levels. In this one on one performance Božidar Katić ingests a truth serum and sits in a darkened room as audiences ask him one question to which he will give a truthful answer.

Marko Marković (HR), Who Is Marko Marković? - Marko Marković took the identity of his namesake Marko Marković and went to Moscow International Biennale for Young Art instead of him. This is a performance about stolen identity.

Tania El Khoury (Lebanon/UK), Jarideh - A short film of an intimate interactive performance set in a busy café, in which the performer and the audience member are partners in crime - inspired by crime films, terrorism awareness campaigns, and operations by women militants in the Lebanese resistance.

Richard DeDomenici (UK), Did Priya Pathak Ever Get Her Wallet Back? - DeDomenici revisits his 2006 performance lecture exploring the complicated relationship between his work and the police. Contains blue flashing lights.

Zoran Todorović (RS), Illegal People - A work in two parts – a film documenting the process of making a house beer, and an invitation to the audience to drink it. The beer is made from water, hops and barley malt, but the water comes from urine collected in a refugee centre in Belgrade supporting refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and North Africa.