Gjino Šutić (HR)

Gjino Šutić (Croatia, 1984) is an innovator, scientist & post-modern intermedia artist. After studying Biotechnology at PBF Zagreb, he worked as a freelance scientist until 2013., when he founded Universal Research Institute UR. Since then, he has worked as scientist and director at UR Institute. He is doing research in multiple areas of natural sciences with a special focus in the fields of bioelectronics and biorobotics.

He invented the term biotweaking (enhancing living organisms or their parts to completely express and make use of their full potential) so as to define his philosophy and work completely. Since 2012, he has displayed his inventions & innovations at numerous scientific and art exhibitions and events. As a biohacker, he has designed and developed numerous DIY tools and materials. As well as developing his inventions & innovations he works as an educator in the areas of biotweaking & science. He is one of the founders of Radiona Makerspace, and a member of MENSA organisation & Hackteria network.