Sanela Jahić (SI) Sketch

object, 2005

A small sketch is made out of LEGO bricks and latex for a machine that has yet to be realized. Here valve control and open passages for the flow of compressed air that in turn causes the transformation of a two-dimensional plane into a relief, giving it the appearance of the third dimension. Reserved for manifesting images or representations, the picture plane thus turns into a morphing membrane. With a realistic representation shown on such a surface, the moving transformations and stretching of the plane from two dimensions to the third would finally cause the image to become abstract and unrecognizable.

Sanela Jahić (SI)

Sanela Jahić (1980) studied painting on the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During her study at the Academy she started to question the concept of “traditional painting” and put her thoughts down in a dissertation entitled “The social subject in the kinetic object”. In 2010 she finished the MFA degree in the international program “Public Art and New Artistic Strategies” at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, with a thesis on Fire Painting. In her work she raises such questions as: What happens if a painting is no longer an independent, self-contained position, bound by standstill, unalterability and light in situ? How is one to open new possibilities for painting and the image as a message and a surface? Jahić thus fabricates kinetic objects/machines, which produce and manipulate phantasmagoric images. The images speak of the social subject living in the technological and, as it is called, thepost-ideological era. To realize and complete her work, she often collaborates with specialists and companies in the fields of electronics, software, automation and mechanical engineering.
Her work has been presented at the exhibition Art of Engineering in Technical Museum, Berlin, 2010; Qui Vive?, 2nd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art – Glob(E)Scape at ARTPLAY Center, Moscow, 2010; Kapelica Gallery, 2010/2011; Appendix Project Space, Portland, 2011; Pixxelpoint / New Media Art Festival in City Gallery, Nova Gorica, 2011; Drawing in the Age of Electronic Expressions, LEAP / Transmediale, Berlin, 2012; Robot Museum, A+A Gallery, Venice, 2012.