So Kanno (DE/JP) Jamming Gear

Performance, 2008

Jamming Gear is a concept gadget allowing one to control music through a tangible arrangement of gears. Each corresponding music loop is played in full with each complete rotation of a single gear. The performance method that makes use of the number of cogs is convenient for experimenting with “gaps”, such as polyrhythm or phase shift. The system consists of custom-made computer software, five modules and several gears of varying sizes. The modules control the rotation, direction and speed and the corresponding music loop. By combining many different sized gears, one is able to layer and control complicated music arrangements.

Collaborator: Kenichiro Saigo

So Kanno (DE/JP)

His works are mainly based on robotics, such as "Lasermice," a swarming robot that refers the swarm behavior of small animals, and "Senseless Drawing Bot," a drawing machine that uses a double pendulum. Rather than the perfect control of industrial robotics, he is interested in the unpredictability, organic behavior, emergence, and errors and noises that systems can have, and develops systems that utilize and induce these elements. His wide-ranging activities include installations using self-made robots, performances and workshops. He often works in collaboration.