Yoshi Akai (JP) Visionaudio, R.U.R. Voice, Canopus, Polaris

Sound performance, 2009

Metal, ceramic, carbon, stone, common materials for sculpture, are used in an analog electronics component. New experimental music instruments are linked to sculpture and music. Almost entire musical instruments are played by movements of the vertical axis such as pressing or hitting. These instruments render sound from the existing object with the same action. For example, almost everybody has played with Lego blocks. In an interface design, this experience is very helpful. Users can understand how to use the tools by intuition. Furthermore, the sound of the complex system is constructed via the intricate combination of simple systems. Devices using emotional designs play chaotic sounds by uncomplicated movements. Sounds are produced using crispbread instead of vinyl records; pieces of Lego instead of synthesizer keys etc. It is more like building music or finding sound than playing.

Yoshi Akai (JP)

Yoshi Akai (1970) obtained a BA in textile design and a MA in design from Tama Art University in Tokyo, and an MA in textile art from Southampton University, Winchester School of Art, UK. After his work as a designer in Japan he joined programs at Kungliga Konsthögskolan and Chalmers University in Sweden. He has had numerous exhibitions in Japan (Contemporary Fiber Art, Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo; Gallery SPACE21, Tokyo; Tokyo Design Centre), UK (The Winchester Gallery, Winchester), The Netherlands (Stichting B93, Enschede), Korea (BIEAF, Busan), and Sweden (GATE, Kista Science City, Kista; OSC09, Färgfabriken, Stockholm; FUTURE, IT-ceum / Swedish Computer Museum, Linköping). He produces original musical instruments with a unique input system, and does performances with his creative gadgets.