Japan Media Arts Festival

Screening of award winning movies

Japan Media Arts Festival is an annual contest since 1997 which celebrates innovation in media arts works utilizing the latest expression and technologies. It is also a festival which supports creative activity and showcases a spectrum of the works. Japan Media Arts Festival promotes the development of media arts through various outreach opportunities and promotional activities such as exhibitions and public programs.

Usually, we will hold the 3 festivals every year in Tokyo, a foreign country and local area in Japan. The upcoming festival in Tokyo will introduce the newest media arts works produced in this year through the screening process. We have 4 divisions in the contest, as Art, Entertainment, Animation and Manga. For this reason, our festival is recognized as very unique festival in the world and we have been receiving over 2,000 submissions recently.

The harmony of technology and creative expression in Japan has made the works that are beyond what it could be imagined. It consequently contributes to the field of media arts to surpass national boundaries and have given inspiration to people all around the world. By the minute, a new page is being written in the history of the power of expression. The variety of expressions in the media arts today is as engaging as it is powerful.

Pogon Jedinstvo (Zagreb)