Lem i ti


Fun, simple and playful workshops aimed at exploring devices, creative experimentation with technology by which we are faced every day and pushing the boundaries of its application.

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If transforming a hand mixer into a 3D printer sounds impossible and creating a small melting furnace with a soldering iron and wax way too complicated, this series of workshops under the title “Lem i ti” proves the opposite. This series for children and teenagers uncovers the uninvestigated possibilities of everyday devices!

By joining different areas of study like physics, chemistry, art and technical educations, the workshops exercise the pupil’s minds, awaken an interest in research, and complement the educational programs of schools. Under the joint leadership of educators and artists, the project shows first-hand the way in which connecting art, science and technology has become essential for the development of innovation and ideas. Through these workshops children practice visual literacy and train motor skills by getting to know the other side of technology through practical work - the side that is part of creative expression and creation.

The program of workshops is designed in collaboration between KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxia and Association for Promotion of Visual Culture - OPA. In 2017 the program will be held in Zagreb, Elementary school Šestine, XV. Gymnasium (MIOC) and Elementary school of SUVAG Polyclinic. The workshops are moderated by young artist and educator, Mladen Tomić in collaboration with artists Ivan Marušić Klif, Deborah Hustić, Margareta Lekić, Vitar Drinković, William Linn, Miodrag Gladović and Bojan Gagić.

SUVAG Polyclinic (Zagreb), XV Gymnasium (Zagreb), Šestine elementary school (Zagreb)