After the festival conference, we are celebrating the first festival week with Organ Vida and Ćelija collective!

Ćelija is the smallest organisational unit of live creatures. Ćelija is made up of:

Paško Gaćina [live] (Ćelija, ZG)
In the given context, it is the case of a premiere live set. Sharp electro-cuts are envisioned to be passionately nested in a dirty but fatty rhythmoid mass:

Kommoda (TAMAN, ST)
He has been a resident of the Kocka Club in Split for the last several years and makes up one third of the TAMAN collective. Musically, he is not limited, but in his sets he is most interested in EBM and slower hypnotic techno moments:

DJ Extinction (Ćelija, ZG)
Inspired by the recent pilgrimage to dimensions, he brings alien sounds to earthly people:

Mokosh (ST)
Electro, breakbeat, techno, EBM, post-punk and darkwave fused into a damn coherent whole that causes the heads of all the bitty partygoers to unconsciously nod:


23—06 h

AKC Medika (Surogat)

Minimal donation: 40,00 kn