Blue Suede Shoes

The Blue Suede Shoes workshop teaches members the fundamentals of playing the three basic instruments of a rock’n’roll group – guitar, bass guitar and drums – and gives lessons in singing, depending on the affinities. The objective of the workshop is to enable participants to perform familiar rock’n’roll standards by themselves, and possibly perform in public as well; it encourages an intergenerational dialogue by erasing borders and barriers between the musical past and the musical present, combining contemporary sound with pop evergreens.

The workshop is led by Mario Kovač (vocal), Dalibor Platernik (guitar), Lana Filipin (bass guitar) and Sven Pavlović (drums), who have been a feature of the local music scene for years. They work together as a group named D Elvis, specialising in the arrangement of rock standards. They have taken part in a great number of important musical events in Croatia and elsewhere.