Me, Superhero!

Workshop of the NGO Skribonauti

With the aim of placing contemporary art production in new contexts and spaces and studying its role in social inclusion, cohesion and generating changes in established patterns, Skribonauti has been active for five years in the area of promoting art and art production among socially marginalized groups, especially prisoners, young people with behavioral issues, children without adequate parental care. Through direct cooperation between contemporary artists and these participants in multimedia workshops ranging from creative writing, documentaries and animated films to comic drawing, Skribounati explores the position and problems of marginalized groups, especially those institutionalized, and examines the possibilities, methods and ways of artistic work in such contexts.

Comic drawing workshop Me, superhero! enables female participants to create their own world in which they can be any type of superheroes they want. In this creative concept they will get to know themselves and empower themselves through the role of the superhero. Workshop participants can get acquainted with the process of creating a comic book, from creating characters to making a script. Prior knowledge of comic books is not necessary, nor any drawing skills, because all tasks will be based on simplicity and originality.

moderators: Helena Janečić & Luiza Bouharaoura.

Helena Janečić (HR)

Helena Janečić was born in Osijek in 1979. She graduated from Furman University in the United States in 2003, and in 2007 earned a master's degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Through comics and painting she works on the presentation of unexplored or neglected queer history (pastoral depictions of Slavonian brides). She has exhibited in several solo and numerous group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad, in a variety of media from painting, comics to musical performances. Some of her comics were included in the anthology Female comics from the Balkans (Fibra, 2010). She received the Ex Aequo award at the 20th and 23rd Slavonian Biennale, and in 2009 her work was included in the art collection of Erste Bank. Since 2010 she has been a member of the Croatian Freelance Artists' Association.

Luiza Bouharaoua (HR)

Luiza Bouharaoua is the program coordinator of Skribonauti, head of art and culture programmes in prisons and penitentiaries, founder and one of the directors of festival Beautiful Women Save the Day designed to work with girls and young women in institutions and to promote artistic work of women. She was the producer of a documentary omnibus Free Weekend, made by the prisoners of Lipovica Penitentiary, and a short documentary Right to Work: As We Left It, the award-winner for Ethics and human rights at the 25th Croatian Film Days. She writes prose, which has so far been included in the regional anthology Outside of the corridors: Best short stories 2011 (VBZ, 2011) and the anthology of young Croatian prose authors No doors, no knocking (Sandorf, 2012). She was one of the finalists in the short story competition at the Festival of the European Short Story 2016.


19—21 h

Dugave youth reformatory (Zagreb)