Andrew John Milne (CA) Apparatus

Installation, 2014.

Apparatus is both ruin and commemoration. It is a decaying monument that realizes future utopias, dragging them backwards toward obsolescence, futility and critique. It remembers a future where experience, labour and action are absorbed into simulation where vision is total and simultaneous. Three devices approach the construction of holographic realities through motor driven assemblies of wood, mirrors, and paper.

Andrew John Milne (CA)

Andrew John Milne is a self-taught interdisciplinary media artist based in Winnipeg, Canada. He has a background in mechanical, electrical and software design, contemporary dance, as well as analog and digital media. His work approaches cutting edge media with obsolesced technologies and materials, constructing anachronistic yet functional devices that draw ‘mechanism’ into a post-cinematic dream space that realises future mechanisms of seeing and quantifying. Milne is the founder of the Museum of New Ideas, a mobile new media exhibition and studio space, and is a founding member of Bent Light, a post-cinematic lens based collective.