Boštjan Čadež (SI) Self-portrait

New media installation, 2013.

Self-Portrait triggers the idea about artificial intelligence even though the nature of the system as such is not intelligent or self-reflexive. The attempt to transfer and convert the seen from the digital via the mechanical into “representation of reality” can be seen as an attempt at an intelligent work of art, determined by the impulsiveness, or rather, the unpredictability of the code. The computer’s self-portrait is not a photographic self-portrait in which the webcam’s eye would produce a digital image; rather, it is a process that evolves with time and takes into account computer vision as the feature of the computer that makes it alive, for it depends on the duration of its existence. The acceptance of such a view is radically not homo-centric and it allows for different views of the self and new possibilities of representing the seen.

Boštjan Čadež (SI)

Boštjan Čadež was born in 1979 in Ljubljana; he is an intermedial artist. He studied industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. During his student years he received a commendation for special student achievement in the area of design of the tyre called Sporty, which the Sava firm is still producing. At the same time he was active in graffiti and street art, and published three compilations of audio-reactive animations on the Web site of Winamp, the mp3 player, which at the time was very popular. He achieved success on the world market with the interactive computer game Line Rider designed under the mentorship of Zdravko Papić, and received a highly prestigious prize for innovation for the work at a meeting of designers of computer games in San Francisco. After that he collaborated with the artist Velibor Barišić on the project PPP Box, in the frame of which several dozen artists exhibited in leading galleries in Slovenia and abroad. Since 2009 he has devoted himself to the area of real-time generated and generative computer graphics.