Craig Fahner (CA) Coherer

Sound installation, 2014

Coherer is a spatialized sound installation that facilitates exploration of the aspects of our environment that exist only as invisible signals. This installation consists of modified theremins that transform the exhibition space into a field of invisible electromagnetic activity. As participants enter this field of signals, their presence disrupts the electromagnetic environment, affecting the soundscape that surrounds them. Custom software mines data from local wireless networks, turning streams of live Internet activity into synthesized voices. These voices emerge and follow participants as they move through space. In the absence of viewers, drifting wireless signals sound like sparse cacophonous chatter within the room’s drifting drone.

Craig Fahner (CA)

Craig Fahner is an artist and musician from Calgary, Alberta. His electronic, video and sound-based works reimagine electronic systems, generating experiences that reflect on the role of technology in our culture. Fahner’s works have been exhibited in various venues internationally, including the Nuit Blanche festival in Toronto, the Atomic Testing Museum in Nevada, and the Museo de la Ciudad in Queretaro, Mexico. In 2010, he received the Disney Memorial Pausch Fellowship to pursue graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he received his MFA in 2013. Fahner currently leads classes in Media Arts + Digital Technologies at the Alberta College of Art, Calgary.