Tin Dožić (HR), Andro Giunio (HR), Sonja Pregrad (HR) Choreography of Utopia, Movement #2

Intermedial performance, 2018

Dance artist Sonja Pregrad, designer and musician Andro Giunio and new media artist Tin Dožić coauthor this synesthetic work about touch, which is simultaneously a concert, an audiovisual performance and a dance piece. Choreography of Utopia, Movement #2 is a moving image, a hum and a perception of the frequencies emitted by different media coming in contact with each other, that is, touching the sensory and affective body of the viewers. For the festival Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Love they offer an iteration of the work adapted to the specific space of the Cinema Korčula.

Choreography of Utopia, Movement #2 shapes interdependency as a utopian orga(ni)sm; it is a performance that arises from the immediate experience of touch. In the performance we look for the intersections in which movement, sound and light touch one another, where friction between them becomes a set of oscillations. We observe them as one, a body of minerals made up of different pulsating textures and intensities, a body of an animal with various limbs in motion, the body of utopia of different consistencies. The viewer’s immersion into the experience of viewing, listening and touching actively vibrates, becoming a part of this synesthetic body. “By posing the question of freedom, Choreography enters an intriguing paradox, drawing the boundaries and limitations of body, space and time and touching the membranes of materiality within which it pulsates. The impression prompted by the synesthetic nature of the performance, lends room for both a sense of freedom and a feeling of entrapment, absolute openness and claustrophobic fullness…”, Ana Fazekaš, Kulturpunkt.hr

Tin Dožić (HR)

Tin Dožić (b. 1989, Rijeka) holds a degree in psychology from the University Department of Croatian Studies in Zagreb (2016) and another one from the Department of Animation and New Media of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (2016). His work is based on exploration of media. His fields of interest include the materiality of media, (dark) ecology, the DIY culture, the Anthropocene and geology, dreams, and the convergence of science and art. His work Songs for the Anthropocene won the Golden Watermelon Award at the Media Mediterranea Festival in Pula in 2018. He was a Radoslav Putar Award finalist in 2019 and is an alumnus of the WHW Academy in 2019/2020. As a member of the artistic team comprised of Sven Sorić (visual identity), Hrvoje Spudić (visual identity), Sara Salamon (video animation) and himself on sound design, he won the Best Young Artist Award at the 55th Zagreb Salon – Applied Art and Design (2020), for the visual identity of the 30th Music Biennial Zagreb.


Andro Giunio (HR)

Andro Giunio is is a graphic designer, assistant professor at the Department of Media Design at University North in Koprivnica, and experimental musician. In his artistic practice, he focuses on sonic performance, as a solo artist or in collaborative projects with artists in the field of new media, music and contemporary dance. In his work, he explores concepts of the temporality in music, memory, documentation, recording and reproduction in composition and improvisation through live performance, forming loops and manipulating existing sound samples and recordings on digital and analogue media. He has performed at the New Sound Platform - Sinelinea several times (2012, 2013, 2016), has performed one of his compositions for the Croatian Radio Third Program, aired on the show Slika od zvuka (2017), was the artist in residence of the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery Open Studio programme (2018), performed at the Student Center’s Showroom of Contemporary Sound in Zagreb (2018), created the music for theatre collective BADco’s 2018 performance-installation The Foundation Pit, and has participated in collaborative projects and performances Choreography of Utopia and Utopia of Extended Here and Now (2018 –).

contact: agiunio@gmail.com

Sonja Pregrad (HR)

Sonja Pregrad (1980) is a dance and intermedial author, performer and teacher and holds an MA in Solo/Dance/Authorship from the Universität der Künste in Berlin. Her work focuses on the interdependency of media, reappropriation of performative formats, the (non)materiality of dance and the choreography of relationships. In her work, movement is always conceived as the contextualized and relational gesture. During the last 15 years, she has authored numerous performance pieces and collaborations presented in Croatia and abroad. She won the Croatian Association of Drama Artists Award in 2018, as well as the Croatian Association of Dance Artists
Award for directing the Improspections festival and the collective performance Glacier, and she was also awarded a special recognition at the 26 th Slavonian Biennale for the exhibition/performance Carnival tent rusts in the Evening Breeze. She teaches at the Department of Animation and New Media of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and runs the arts organization Fourhanded.