Dessert is provided by British artist Demitrios Kargotis with his interactive ice cream machine, which produces the goods only if you are gloomy enough. Paradisal gas signed by KONTEJNER’s ‘resident artist’ Zoran Todorović will make you laugh, perhaps put you under the table, and the interactive performance of Spartak Dulić will relax an elite of selected visitors. Dash MacDonald allows visitors to control him in a situation of equilibrium-challenge − on his roller skates. Charlie Chaplinesque situations are of course inevitable, like the laughter based on others’ misfortunes. The already mentioned automatic ice cream machine has an amusing trait, rewarding the mournful.

Spartak Dulić (HR)

The box

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Food Hacking (US)

Freaky Delicious

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Lenka Klimešova (CZ)

Future Kiss

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Dash MacDonald (UK)

In Your Hands

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Zoran Todorović (RS)


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