Zoran Todorović (RS) Laughter

situation, 2007
(not intended for use by persons under 18)

Laughter is a social gesture which forces us to behave in the way we should or in the way we are expected to behave. It functions as a corrective of appearance and behaviour, making the object of our laughter adapt to an image we ourselves are immersed in. Laughter implies, and is dependent on, a group which exchanges identical opinions, meanings and values.

What happens if we construct a situation in which laughter exists outside this friendly environment; a situation in which society, to a certain extent, doesn't exist – more precisely, in which the laughter machine appears as surrogate of the society or, even more precisely, in which the individual and his/her subjective feeling of the society is replaced by chemically and medically induced laughter? In this work, laughter appears as a consequence of the affective chemical substance nitrous oxide (N2O). It arises as an interruption of the operative procedures of a controlling mind, confronting the participants and the audience with the pure intensity of the effect chemical substances have on the body. In other words, it confronts the participants with the affective body of laughter, without its symbolic justification.

Zoran Todorović (RS)

Media artist, Zoran Todorović was born in Belgrade, in 1965. He earned a degree, painting major, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, but is best known for his new media and video work. He lives and works in Belgrade where he holds the the assistant professor position at the Faculty of Fine Arts, of the University of Arts in Belgrade. Todorović exhibited his works in numerous leading media art institutions and events in Europe and beyond, and was the author of the Serbian pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale. His works often deal with issues of surveillance and control, shedding light on uncomfortable truths and concealed motivations. In 2000 Todorović won the 41st October Salon award in Belgrade and in 2001 the International Media Art Award in Karlsruhe.