Stanley Povoda (CZ) Robotman

Stanley “Robotman” Povoda is known as the father of Czech robotics. Since he was 14 he has built whatever robots people wanted: robots that play music (and turn the records over), pour drinks from their fingers, light cigarettes right on cue, lift up skirts. He has made underwater robots, a specialized line of robots for children, a dancing robot that now lives in a German disco and has also formed synthesizers like telephones. Theoretically, he can build anything. Except for the electronics inside, the robots are made from discarded and recycled materials and objects because Povoda finds it harder to build a completely new robot out of nothing than to shape it from found objects. He has probably built over 1000 robots, some of them being bought by companies. And he has also made robots for the film industry. His most popular robot is Wédéčko, a disco song-playing robot with a salad-bowl instead of a head. Wédéčkois frequently goes on tour with the Czech band The Prostitutes and has also MC-ed, in a specially designed suit, at the Fresh Film Fest in Karlovy Vary. Stanley Povoda occasionally performs with his very own robot band.