Tin Dožić (HR) Test Lab

performance, 2018, duration 25 minutes

Test Lab is a performance that emerges as sound documentation of two author's practices: collecting electronic waste and hacking the collected material, and collaborating with chemists in the process of separating gold from computer electronic waste. As an analogy to the sampling process, experiments and various attempts at the laboratory and the studio, samples of sound are collected for this performance. The sound of short circuits, electromagnetic signals and ready-made electronics are brought into the relationship with the sounds of chemical reactions and treatment of contact microphones with various acids. The noise of discarded electronics and destructive processes suggests the opposite - waste being brought to life and the constant change of substances.

Tin Dožić (HR)

Tin Dožić (Rijeka, 1989) holds a degree in psychology from the University Department of Croatian Studies in Zagreb (2016) and another one from the Department of Animation and New Media of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (2016). The starting point of his artistic practice is the medium of sound and he is involved in field recordings, radio, experimental music and multimedia installations. His work focuses on media research, through the practice of making his own electronic instruments, the appropriation of old or obsolete technologies and recycling. His fields of interest include the materiality of media, (dark) ecology, the DIY culture, the Anthropocene and geology, the convergence of science and art, sleeping and dreams. He has exhibited and performed at various platforms in Croatia and abroad, independently and in collaborative projects. His work Songs for the Anthropocene won the Golden Watermelon Award at the Media Mediterranea Festival in Pula in 2018 and he was a Radoslav Putar Award finalist in 2019.

contact: tindozic@gmail.com