Mirjana Vodopija (HR) Vibrating landscape

2018, kinetic object

Vibrating landscape is based on the dichotomy between a bounded space, as the source of vibrations, and a simulated open space in which a kinetic and sonic landscape is created by means of vibrations.

The work is rooted in a personal longing for open space in a physical, and consequently, mental sense – a longing for open space of the free and uninhibited mind. The spatial interior as personal territory is a refuge of safety and comfort, and the source of vibrations: the casing contains electric motors that trigger the elastic threads outside of it. Depending on the frequency of oscillations and tension, the strings seemingly lose their linear property, forming spiral, spindly forms of different sizes and transparency that mutually overlap and create murmurs of different frequencies, thus generating a landscape that changes in endless combinations throughout a programmed cycle.

The work is technically elaborated and produced in collaboration with Leonardo Krleža and Nenad Mijić.
Production: KONTEJNER
The production of the work has been supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

Mirjana Vodopija (HR)

Mirjana Vodopija employs motifs from nature to problematize the notions of consciousness, identity, and perception of time and space, often making use of different media: drawing, graphic art, photography, objects, installation, video installation and ambients. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1987 and has since exhibited in 37 solo exhibitions and participated in over 200 group exhibitions, curatorial concepts, artistic symposia, residential projects and professional training programmes around the world. She is the recipient of 14 art awards, the latest of which include the Vladimir Nazor Award of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the annual award of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists for her solo exhibition The Wandering Landscape held at the Museum of Contemporary art in Zagreb in 2019. Vodopija is also the author of numerous production and set designs as well as visual identities for shows produced by the Croatian Radiotelevision. She is a full professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb where she teaches since 2007.