Tomaž Pipp (SI) Form is Fatal

Installation, performance, 1997

...In Pipp's sculpture, eight pipes with a profile of an aeroplane wing (rotated along the horizontal axis) produce negative pressure when streams of blowing fire are released. Negative pressure accelerates air, causing sound vibrations. In this case sound represents entropic remains, proving that different profiles i.e. different conditions give rise to different results. Since thrust i.e. acceleration rate can be measured only with very complex detectors, the artist is exclusively oriented towards a sonic mass. It helps him detect a degree of air compression, which is a condition for finalizing the object/sculpture. This condition, this condensed materiel is neither a sound nor a frequency nor the decibels, however, it is a product, an object...

(Jurij V. Krpan, excerpt from a text Destiny of Form in Tomaľ Pipp catalogue, Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana/SLO, 1997)

Tomaž Pipp (SI)

Tomaž Pipp was born 1961 in Ljubljana. He graduated sculpting at the Fine Arts Academy in Ljubljana in 1997. He has been exhibiting his projects since 1989 (Gravity Chairs and Architectural Scale Models, Exit Gallery, Gorica /IT, 1989, One Hundred Thousand Millions of Chairs, ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana /SLO, 1992; Solo exhibition of portraits and female torsos, Metelkova Centre, Ljubljana/SLO, 1993; Form is Fatal, Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana/SLO, 1997; Empire Strikes Back, MMC Kibla, Maribor/SLO, 1997, Aqua nostra vita, Imprima Gallery, Ljubljana/SLO, 2001, Black & White, Imprima Gallery, Ljubljana/SLO, 2002). He also took part in many group projects and exhibitions (IRWIN, Industrial revolution, Paris/FR, 1988/89; IRWIN, Transcentrala, Venice Biennial, Venice/IT, 1993; Amusement Park, ICC Centre Tokio, Tokio/JP, 1997). In 1992 and 1994 he has done an authorial interior redecoration of a legendary Ljubljana club K4. In 1997 he erected a copy of Golden Girl at Ribji Square in Ljubljana/SLO.