Concepts of pleasure and happiness are focus of a theoretical debate that mixes and matches the refleections of the philosophers, theorists, curators and artists who are taking part in the two-day symposium in the framework of the festival.

Food Hacking (US)

Delicious Corpse - semantic Web Food Reverse Engineering Engine

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Honor Harger (NZ)

Corraling Qualia: Sensing in Radiophonic Space

  • #lecture

Aljoša Kolenc (SI)

Over The Rainbow

  • #lecture

Auger Loizeau (UK), Tobie Kerridgeis (UK)

Material Beliefs - open labs, speculative design, science and siciety

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Todd McGowan (US)

The Escape from Enjoyment

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Monochrom (AT)

Gala evening of the Roboexotica

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Kira O’Reilly (UK)

Feeling They have to Touch (Fingering)

  • #lecture

Mark Paterson (UK)

Touch, the 'New' Spatialities and Pleasures of the Body

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David Pearce (UK)

Reproductive revolution

  • #lecture

Zoran Roško (HR)

Pleasure is the MacGuffin

  • #lecture

Stahl Stenslie (NO)

Haptic Hedonism, a fiendish plot of the aesthetic flesh

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12—16 h

MM Centar (Zagreb)