Christina Kubisch (DE) Electrical Walks Zagreb 2021

2021, Electromagnetic soundwalks and investigations in the city, work in progress

Since the late 1970s, Christina Kubisch has been working with the system of electromagnetic induction, which she has developed from a basic technique into an individual artistic tool. In 2003, she started the series Electrical Walks in public space, which trace the electro-magnetic fields of urban environments in the form of city walks by which the acoustic qualities of aboveground and underground electromagnetic fields become amplified and audible.

The palette of these sounds, their timbre and volume vary from site to site and from country to country. But they have one thing in common: they are everywhere, even where one would not expect them. Light systems, wireless communication systems, radar systems, anti-theft security devices, surveillance cameras, cell phones, computers, streetcar cables, antennae, navigation systems, automated teller machines, wireless internet, neon advertising, public transportation networks, etc. create electrical fields that are as if hidden under the cloaks of invisibility, but of incredible presence.

Electrical Walks are an invitation to a special kind of investigation. With custom-made induction headphones and a map of the environs upon which the possible routes and especially interesting electrical fields are marked, the visitor can set off on his own or in a group. The perception of everyday reality changes when one listens to the electromagnetic fields: what seems familiar appears in a different context. Nothing looks the way it sounds. And nothing sounds the way it looks.

Electrical Walks Zagreb 2021 is the walk Nr. 84 of the series which has been presented worldwide.

Christina Kubisch (DE)

Christina Kubisch (b. 1948 in Bremen, Germany) belongs to the first generation of sound artists. Her practice ranges from performances, concerts, and works with video to sound sculptures, but she is best known for her sound installations and electro-acoustic compositions. Kubisch studied first painting and then music, finishing with a diploma as a flutist. She continued with studies in composition and electronics. She has artistically developed multiple techniques based on electromagnetic induction, solar energy, and special light systems. In 2003, she started the series Electrical Walks, where the public can use custom-made headphones to listen to the hidden electromagnetic waves around us. Since 1974, Kubisch has had numerous solo exhibitions in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, and South America, and has participated in international exhibitions and festivals. Her music has been published by various labels such as Cramps, Important Records, and Gruenrekorder. Kubisch is a professor of audio-visual arts in Berlin, Paris, Saarbrücken, and Oxford. She has received many awards and is a member of the Academy of Arts in Berlin. Kubisch lives and works in Berlin.