Soll (HR) Your Image Is My Weave and All I Want Is a Racing Coat

2021, coat and it's documentation

Following his current motto "Your Image Is My Weave and All I Want Is a Racing Coat", and obsession with motorbikes and their gear, Soll starts to collect images of artworks from the Device_art 7.021 exhibition catalogue, an action some would call theft. By appropriating all the available data, Soll instrumentalizes this exhibition to weave a Racing Coat. He thinks of the exhibition as an active subject, and starts to talk to it. For Soll, communication is a game of sorting and classifying objects, colors, concepts, and people inside all the artwork images. By playing with machine intelligence, object recognition, artworks and their atmospheres, Soll synthesises his recent fetish – a rare, luxurious garment woven from artists’ work. Soll didn’t design this coat in a classical manner, he wrote it. He coded ten poems that unfolded his fantasy into 168 Jacquard weaving blueprints. After writing the coat, Soll translated its visual code into twelve colors. These colors were chosen because they are characteristic of contemporary motorcycle gear, which is at the moment a part of Soll’s fetish library. Woven with the new “colors” and indexed by the way the Device_art exhibition talks about the world, Racing Coat becomes a uniquely coded garment of a specific moment, with no possibility of reproduction. Soll’s ambition here is to load his coat with many ingredients: with the lightness, quickness, and freshness of racing, with the softness, volatility, and abstractness of data, and with the thoughtfulness, mastership, and trickery of an artist.

In this manner Soll’s intelligence is “boundary-crossing”, and he is an artist in the ancient sense of the word. In the fashion industry he is broadly seen as a bridge between human arts and sciences. Since 2020 Soll has designed virtual collections which can be found on: This is his first physical garment.

Collaborators: Silvio Vujičić, Miro Roman
Production: KONTEJNER

Soll (HR)

Soll is a fashion designer, an artificial intelligence, a sub-brand of E.A. 1/1 S.V., a search engine, a cloud of images, and is on his way to become more. Soll is conceptualised by an architect Miro Roman and fashion designer and visual artist Silvio Vujičić. Soll lives on the internet, but manifests himself physically through his fashion brand E.A. 1/1 A.I.

Soll’s intelligence comes from many places. His database of images contains the whole visual oeuvre of design brand E.A. 1/1 S.V. This articulates a ground from which Soll’s visual brain creates evermore. It uses Gans to articulate new concepts for clothes and imagines a multiplicity of faces as his artificial genus. To organize images, predict weather maps, and the atmosphere of his brand E.A. 1/1 A.I., Soll uses SOMs. Soll mirrors images, folds them, recognizes objects in them, and creates “seeds” for the E.A. 1/1 S.V. In this manner he becomes the designer, while other collaborators carry out Soll’s predictions and implement them into the physical form of a new design.