Andrej Boleslavský (SK), The Vašulkas (CZ) Hi Woody

Installation, 2011

Hi Woody is an interactive installation that pays tribute to the artworks of Woody and Steina Vašulka. This art piece was created in cooperation with Woody Vašulka during his visit to Prague in 2011 and was produced by CIANT │ International Centre for Art and New Technologies. It is inspired by the aesthetics of the early video art works created on the Rutt-Etra synthesizer in the Electronic Media Atelier at The Kitchen in New York. The author, Andrej Boleslavský, attempts to invoke similar visual impressions with state-of-the-art technologies − high-powered digital graphic cards, the Kinect sensor and stereoscopic screens conjuring an abstract and immersive image generated in real time. In this moment the visitor has an opportunity to interact with his own digital replica. The atmosphere of today's media art scene closely resembles The Kitchen studio − elated by new possibilities, techno-optimism and the will to share. This is the reason why the authors decided to make the software used for this piece available for free download at

Andrej Boleslavský (SK)

Andrej Boleslavský is an interaction designer and new media artist with 10 years of professional experience. He is currently working as an artist and researcher for CIANT │International Centre for Art and New Technologies. In his own projects he focuses on the creating of artworks using a wide range of new media technologies, elements of experimental games, generative art and physical computing. These are also topics on which he lectures in workshops organized by various study programs. Recently, he participated in the Cellsbutton#5 media festival. He curated the exhibitions TransGenesis: Global Players and Square Vision focused on game art and co-curated the festival Enter5: Datapolis. His specialization in the field of programming includes knowledge of media platforms such as VVVV and Arduino, which he uses to develop interactive artworks.

The Vašulkas (CZ)

Woody Vašulka was born in 1937 in Brno, Czechoslovakia, and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He studied at the Industrial Engineering School of Brno from 1952-1956 and at the Faculty of Film and Television at the Prague Academy for Performing Arts from 1960-1965. In the late 1960s he shifted his focus from poetry and commercial film to video, creating a number of solo works and collaborations with his wife, Steina Vašulka, that have been shown all over the world. Woody Vašulka's solo pieces are highly produced and carefully edited, combining some of the experimental image- processed effects of their collaborative works with more recognizable landscape shots and acted scenes. The videos have non-linear narrative structures that explore how truth-effects are created through the continual retelling of stories. This is connected to the way that memory is recuperated and experienced by the individual, and hence the works often play with elements of biographical and autobiographical narrative.