Martina Mezak (HR) Take a Break

Reality transforming device, ready-made, 2012

The work Take a Berak deals with the matrix of routine everyday life and its simplest hack/crack - sexual pleasure. Usual everyday life is represented by an office chair. But the apparently simple chair can easily be transformed into a device to elicit sexual excitment. Take a break deals with sexual pleasure and enhanced rapture as the primary system for logging off from regular reality.

The chair is fitted with hidden aids for heightening sexual experience, from standard vibrators and SM gear to audio-visual brain stimulations.

Martina Mezak (HR)

Martina Mezak is a multimedia artist, born in Zagreb in 1973. She founds her work on multidisciplinary research work in the field of technology, science and art directed towards the transcendence of the conscious. She is most into interactive audio and visual installations and multimedia objects. She has exhibited at a number of individual and group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad (PM Gallery, HDLU, Zagreb; Device_art 3.009, Zagreb/Tokyo; Device_ art 2.006, Zagreb/Belgrade/San Francisco; Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb; National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea).