Origamitronica (HR) Moveable Tesselations

Installation, 2012

Moveable Tesselations explores the interrelationships of material, geometry, biology and kinetics through the use of the traditional Japanese skill of folding paper − origami, actually, by the concept of, and research into the idea of, tessellation. Tesselation is the process of creating two-dimensional planes using repeated geometrical forms without either overlap or repetition, which, through the use of the Yoshimura and Miura Ori patterns of paper folding in contemporary origami, moves the whole process into the realm of kinetic objects. The work demonstrates the appearance of tessellation in living systems visible only through the microscope, to various uses of kombucha mushroom, paper, textile and plastics in combination with electronic devices as well as origami robotics. This kind of approach explores the concept of the materiality of plant fibres in comparison with the fibres of paper and textile. With the incorporation of movement, sound and light sensors, the works become interactive.

project leader: Deborah Hustić
devised by: Maja Kalogera, skupina Origamisti (Krešimir Rajki, Maja Mihaljević, Ivan Marinković), Damir Prizmić, Gjino Šutić, Deborah Hustić
technical advisers: Davor Jadrijević Emard, Igor Brkić, Bruno Blažinč, Matija Vojvodić

Origamitronica (HR)

The idea for the Origamitronica project was born after artists Deborah Hustic and Maja Kalogera took part in a workshop for contemporary origami in electronic interfaces − FoldMe, mentored by the new media group Dimension+ of Hong Kong/Taiwan during last year’s Kiblix festival in Maribor. In 2012 Origamitronica was joined by Damir Prizmić, designer obsessed with electronics and paper, by experienced Zagreb origami expert Krešimir Rajki, with the newly founded collective Origamisti, as well as biotweaker Gjino Šutić. The objective of this creative/scientific association is future ongoing work lightheartedly researching into the concept of tessellation from various perspectives: art, design, architecture, biology, maths, kinetics and electronics. Origamitronics is developing as part of a project for experimentation with matter and electronics − Textil{e}tronics of Zagreb.