Anselmo Tumpić (HR) Tateye & BEat

Tateye and BEat are prototypes of gadgets, that is, specimens of a category, or a point of departure according to which to categorise the other specimens. In fact, a prototype is used as a test run, a basis on which to prove its functionality, strength, possible defects, production feasibility. Prototypes suggest the possible future existence of some object, as well as its function, but the prototypes of this art project will actually never cross this border – they will remain forever in that dimension as the best examples and point of departure in their category. They are pure idea that will never get into mass production, for although in essence they do have a function, like any object we use in everyday life, in fact, their functions do not pass the test of safety and legality.

Tateye and BEat have sense in relation to the public, while the public is thinking up use for them. These objects then enter into the world that the observer thinks up, and obtain a function only in this uncensored space. The actual objects are devised with a real function, they have a considered design and logotype and are accordingly production- and market-ready. But it is unclear if the market is ready for them. Tateye and BEat are objects that are expressed via design, and implement their function unscrupulously.

If on the one hand the design of the object beguiles observers with its appearance, on the other hand, its function scares them. Although the observer knows that in today’s society there are rules that are supposed to protect him/her against objects likeTateye and BEat, it is through them that Anselmo Tumpić tries to get the public thinking about whether it is not a pity that the object is not usable, and whether these rules really provide public protection.

Anselmo Tumpić (HR)

Anselmo Tumpić was born on April 7, 1976, in Pula. After a course in graphic design in Pula, he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo. After a year, he went on with his studies in Venice, getting a BFA in painting, and then worked for Fabrica, communications centre for Benetton. Afterwards, he returned to Croatia, where he worked for the advertising agency Digitel. Today he is employed in Saatchi & Saatchi in Milan. In the meantime he has exhibited works in various group and collective exhibitions in Milan, Rijeka, Genoa, Rovinj, Bari and Naples and his works have been featured in various publications.