Group of authors & Skribonauti (HR) Free Weekend

documentary omnibus, 2016

Free Weekend is a documentary omnibus consisting of three shorts that were made by prisoners of the penitentiary in Lipovica – Luka, Vuk and Nikola. For legal reasons, their identity is concealed behind invented nicknames.

The films were created as product of a documentary film workshop that was run in Lipovica by Igor Bezinović and of the preoccupations of the prisoners themselves. Free Weekend gives their views on imprisonment and freedom, their views on themselves as prisoners and the effect this fact has on their attitudes to and relationship with themselves, the community and persons close to them.

Group of authors & Skribonauti (HR)

authors Luka, Vuk, Nikola
mentor: Igor Bezinović

montage: Blaž Habuš
producer: Luiza Bouharaoua

production: Skribonauti