Interactive GlovesEdita Matan (HR)

An Experiment for New Hiragana

Interactive Gloves is an analogue and digital work and presents one form of communication. This is the direct communication that transits into the most non-social form – the electronic, the mathematical. The first part of taking part in the project requires immediate communication – following certain instructions/recommendations. It is imagined as being performed in couples. It is desirable that the persons who make up the couple do not know each other. Then comes the choosing of the gloves. Holding hands in the well closed gloves, the couples sit, stand or move. The journey with the unknown person has started and because of the almost hermetic closure of the opening to the gloves an atmosphere starts to be created between the palms of the participants. After some time an atmospheric lid is opened up and sensors are inserted. I want to use technology (sensors, a computer to process the data, an interface for the presentation of the data) so as to arrive at deep level information about the people in the couple. The information is processed and creates a unique curve. For a better understanding of the choice of sensors (temperature, moisture, pulse) that I use in the research, it is necessary to mention what the human character is and what acts upon it. I take character as a particularity or a human substitute for the instinctive make-up with animals. Several things act on the development of character: genetic or innate constitution, family atmosphere, economic and social conditions, sex...

The environment is never the same for two people, for the difference in their constitutions makes them experience the same surroundings in a more or less different way. I have twenty pairs of different gloves at my command. Each pair is different in colour, insulation, shape. The different gloves represent differing environments.

The paradox of human existence is that man yearns at the same time for closeness and for independence, for unity with others and for the preservation of his own distinctness. I have considered this moment in the choice of gloves, and with separate gloves without the possibility of creating a common atmosphere, it is possible to communicate.

Edita Matan (HR)

Edita Matan studirala je kod prof. Hermanna Nitscha. Izlagala je u Njemačkoj, Sloveniji, Španjolskoj, Egiptu i Hrvatskoj. Nagrade: Odlikovanje s likom morskog konjica, Aleksandrija, Egipat; Nagrada Grada Münchena.